In October 2021, Aylin has pioneered project "Pop-up Law" to communicate international law in a fun, quick and reliable way!

YouTube Channel: Pop-up Law

IG: @popuplaw


Anukriti Singh

Chief Legal Visualisation Specialist

Colours, logos, vectors, fonts – Anukriti knows how to make them pop! Anukriti enjoys public speaking, writing poetry and learning new languages. Her areas of interest include international law, competition law and human rights law. She enjoys reading, dancing and illustrating self-created comics using platforms such as Procreate, Paint Studio 3D and Canva.

Asra Bajaj

Chief Legal Content Creator

Creating legally sound and fun texts can be a big challenge – but Asra is up to that task! Asra is a first-year law student in Jindal Global Law School, with enthusiasm for animal welfare and animal activism. She has keen interests in the fields of human rights, corporate law, and international law.

Dhanishtha Arora

Chief Legal Content Promoter

From the deep seas of LinkedIn to the mountain tops of Instagram, Dhanishtha knows her way around the digital landscape of content promotion! Dhanishtha is currently pursuing her law degree at the Jindal Global Law School. Passionate about equality, minority rights and women's rights, she is eager to learn and explore different fields in the legal profession.

Maanasee Hatkar

Chief Legal Researcher

Don't know the answer to that tricky legal question? That's OK, Maanasee got you! Maanasee is a first-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. She is a part of the international law society and the literary society of her university. Her academic interests lie in international law, data privacy and AI. She enjoys public speaking, writing poetry and learning new languages.

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